Solid Wall Process
Along with the obvious benefit of superior durability, the Mercedes Home concrete wall system offers a very high level of wind storm resistance, and the additional benefit of increased energy efficiency by utilizing the principle of thermal mass. The heavy concrete walls have the ability to absorb the heat of the day, before it enters the house, and to release the heat build-up to the night sky when the exterior temperatures drop. Aside from reduced ownership costs, these homes feature unparalleled safety and security, as well as comfort and quiet.

1. Shown is a 6x6 road mesh connected with #5 rebar, 8' on center. It is ready for inspection and form placement.

2. Here we're installing aluminum forms and headers, encasing all of the structural steel.

3. We are completing the form process by tying all the forms together with walk boards in preparation for the placing of the concrete.

4. We then remove all of the aluminum forms prior to setting the roof trusses.

5. This home is now ready for rough mechanical inspection. The roof is stocked and ready for the shingles to be installed.

6. Finished Solid Wall constructed home below.

Process 6


Process 1

Process 2

Process 3

Process 4

Process 5