About Us

Solid Wall Systems is the leading production builder of cast-in-place solid concrete walls in Florida . Since starting production in 2001 we have constructed solid concrete walls for over 3,000 residential homes, townhomes, condos, and commercial buildings. We are forecasting that we will construct over 1,500 new units in Florida during 2006-2007 season as more customers learn about the benefits of owning a solid concrete home. SWS is in process of expanding statewide in order to serve this massive increase in demand. Our current office has been expanded recently and will be opening four satellite offices strategically placed to serve the entire state of Florida . We are also forecasting a surge in commercial jobs in 2006 as Builders benefit from our very competitive job pricing and fast construction times.

The typical 200 linear foot residential house takes approximately four days to construct the solid walls once the slab has poured and is ready to accept the steel reinforcing. One day for steel installation, one for inspection, and two days to pour and remove forms. There is no extra curing time needed to continue construction. Framing can be started immediately. SWS currently has over 70 full time employees dedicated to wall construction only. We have the largest form inventory in the state which allows us to handle very large projects pouring a single pour, and gives us the ability to handle many different projects simultaneously.





Installation of wall forms